014 Середня освіта
014.11 Фізична культура
014.11 Secondary Education (Physical Culture)
The separate structural unit “Ivano-Frankivsk Professional College of Physical Education of the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine” is starting educational activities in the specialty 014.11 Secondary Education (Physical Culture).

The college provides the educational process with a material and technical base, information resources, personnel and educational and methodological support.

Educational equipment of laboratories, sports halls, stadiums. To provide the educational process, the college has 11 facilities for material and technical support of educational activities, including an educational building, specialized sports grounds, a ski facility, and a hostel. The college has classrooms for professional purpose, computer laboratories, and sports halls.

Specialty 014.11 Secondary Education (Physical Culture) is equipped with classrooms for professional purpose: the classroom of Pedagogics and Psychology, the classrooms of sports specialities, the classroom of History of physical Education and Sports, the classroom of Theory and Methododology of Physical Education, the classroom of special theoretical disciplines, the classrooms of Physiology and Human Anatomy. The college has 53 modern classrooms and laboratories, which use modern equipment.

In the educational institution, students are provided with all necessary material and technical facilities, which include: the climbing wall, an athletic arena, 4 sports grounds, the swimming pool, the ski facility, the gymnasium, the shooting gallery, the wrestling and boxing hall.

Taking into account the existing material and technical base of the college, the students of the specialty 014.11 Secondary Education (Physical Culture) will be provided with everything necessary for the educational process for the declared license volume.

In accordance with the curriculum the foreign students  are provided with  classes of  Ukrainian as a foreign language, and Ukrainian language courses have been started.

The hostel accommodation is suitable for foreign students and stateless individuals.

The college provides conditions for people with reduced mobility, where the educational building, arena, swimming pool, WCs and shower stalls s are equipped with ramps.

Final control is carried out in the form of exams and credits. Certification of graduates is carried out in the form of a comprehensive examination in the disciplines of professional training. Assessment of educational achievements of students is carried out on a 12-point scale; 4-level national scale (excellent, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory).


College graduates who studied in the specialty 014.11 Secondary education (Physical culture) can work in educational institutions in positions, in particular, in entities that carry out the following types of economic activity (according to NACE code 009:2010):

85.31 Secondary education;

35.32 Professional and technical education;

85.51 Education in the field of sports and recreation.

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